Friday, October 21, 2011

*Wedding 6/11/11*

I know I'm awful at blogging and I'm EXTREMELY far behind... But cut me a little slack, I started medschool in July and have been going 90 to nothing ever since... I always expected medschool to be hard, but I don't think you can ever prepare for running off of so little sleep... My weekend study days before a test look like... Friday Study: 12PM (and this is only because we have class from 8 to noon...) to 11PM (11 hours) Saturday Study: 9AM to midnight (15 hours)... Sunday Study: 9AM to midnight (at least) (15 hours).... So in 3 days I spend 42 hours studying.... NUTS! But I do have to say I LOVE what I'm doing and could not be more thankful for where I'm at in life (Poor Kenny on the other hand... He thought he had to handle mental breakdowns before... lol)...

Anyways here are a few wedding pictures... It was AMAZING and I felt so blessed and loved... thank you to everyone who made the trip (I know we were difficult and did it out of town)... But it was BEAUTIFUL :) I am now officially Mrs. Ballard :) Kind of weird after being someone's girlfriend for 7 years first :) But I would not trade it for anything...

Me and the boys :)

Twirling around :)

Haha my dress was getting in the way when I was dancing :)

Getting our groove on :)

Kenny going for the garter :)

Tossing the bouquet... Bratty caught it... It better be like 15 years lol....

Our first dance as husband and wife... Boy how I love this man...

Our first dance :)

Kenny and his mama :) Danced to: Song for Mama Boyz II Men

Me and my Daddy... I bawled like a baby... I love this man more than anything... He truly is amazing... Danced to: Tough Little Boys by Gary Allan

We used this instead of a sign-in book and it's hanging above our bed :)

Kenny's Grooms cake... He had NO idea he was even going to have a groom's cake... Thank you Ramen!

My sister... Right before her maid of honor speech... :) After watching an AMAZING slideshow presentation by Miranda...

Our rings :)

Our cake... BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Lacey and Stef!!

Me and my Daddy :)

Our rockin' shoes :)

Love this picture :)

Awww my brothers :)

The wedding party/ family basically :)

The most handsome man in the whole entire world... So lucky he is all mine :)

We were laughing when Kristi took this picture because she wanted us to point the bouquet at her and we pointed it way away from her at first lol...

Not sure how long it will be before my next post... HSF&D tried to kill me off... Hopefully Genetics won't be too bad... :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

**Babysitting Kasyn**

So I'm just going through my camera and realized there are a lot of pictures that I have done nothing with... So this is just one of those posts... While I was on Christmas Break, I got to babysit my cousin for 2 weeks... He is such a cute kid and I had so much fun spending time with him... One of the first days I had him he wanted to go to the park and ride his little skateboard down the ramps, luckily he forgot his helmet so I used that as an excuse not to let him go... However, the next day he brought his helmet.... So I took him to the park and let him 'run' up and down the ramps... (luckily he kind of forgot he wanted to ride his skateboard down the ramp)... Anyways here are just some pictures of our Park Time :)

He insisted on taking one picture of me, since I was taking a million of him lol... I'm surprised he actually got me in the picture lol

I absolutely LOVE kids... I'm so lucky to be so close to my family, my cousins, nieces and nephews... I LOVE it... I cannot wait until it's time for Kenny and I to have kids and start our own family :) Until then I'll just enjoy spoiling all the other kiddos in my life :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

**Engagement Story** 11/6/10

Sorry guys, this is more for me then you all... But if you want you can read haha... I CANNOT believe it, I'm really engaged, 7 years later :) I'm so excited!!

The wedding is going to be June 11, 2011 (6/11/11)

So... Kenny decided to take me on a picnic. I woke up and was a little grouchy, cuz I had a headache, but we went anyways. The drive was probably 30 to 45 minutes. Our final destination was a little ways past the Sandia Ski Resort. We stopped and began to walk down to the "spot". A little ways down, Kenny had to stop because he couldn't walk, at all. He couldn't move his foot at all. (He had torn some ligaments in it and wasn't wearing his boot). I told him where we were was perfect and we had a good view. He, being as stubborn as he is, said no the spot is just like 50 feet further. I told him I would carry him, but he wouldn't let me do that either. He let me carry the blanket and the food but that was it. He literally drug his foot the rest of the way. We sat the food down and he walked me a little further to show me a heart he had made out of pieces of rocks (when he came up to find a good picnic spot a couple weeks ago). We then sat down on the blanket we had layed down on a big rock. He made me a sandwich (after spilling the brown mustard everywhere because he forgot we had changed elevation =) He drank a sierra nevada and we ate our sandwiches. We had some sour cream and onion chips and some chocolate covered waffers :) Of course I made him take a million pictures with me from every angle lol :) He being the baseball finatic he is, had to thrown some rocks (even with his hurt foot). He had to make sure he could hit the rocks he had made into a heart (which of course he did). Then he had to thrown some rocks at some trees right in front of us, "more power", "more power" throwing it harder and harder, missing everytime... then he barely tosses it and nails the middle of the tree. Just for the record I hit the middle of the tree left-handed my first try ;) He then had to go find himself a walking stick (even though I didn't want him walking around) And of course he just had to use his walking stick as a baseball bat a few times (yes my little baseball junkie)... We then decided to head back up to the car. This time he only let me carry the blanket, and gimpy said "try to keep up haha" but I did get some good pictures of him walking up the mountain ow ow :) He told me he had a surprise for me at the car and when we got to the car I had to close my eyes. I was thinking he had gotten me a necklace because my butterfly one had broken. So we walked to the bathrooms first then I sat in the passenger seat. He made me take off my sunglasses so he could make sure my eyes were close. I closed my eyes and could hear him switching the CDs. The music came on and it was a guitar playing, acoustic, nothing but the guitar. and he walked to theo ther side of the car and said I could open my eyes. He grabbed my hands and started singing to me. It was a song he had written just for me (and the guitar was Darrell playing music they had written just for this song)... I guess I was daydreaming a little thinking how incredible lucky I was to have this man in my life, standing here singing to me, that I didn't really process the lyrics. It wasn't until the second time through the chorus that I realized what was going on. (I of course was crying the whole way through the song)... He finished singing, got down on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful perfect ring I had ever seen and said "Would you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?" I pulled him in and just hugged him for awhile, I didn't even say anything. When he asked he had tears in his eyes and I was bawling. I finally let go of him and said "yes". I could not believe this was real and could not text people a picture of my ring fast enough. I know the whole trip down the mountain I had this stupid grin on my face. Kenny was laughing at me because I was texting a million different people the whole way back to the house. Kenny told me that he hopes I don't have any other plans and not to plan on getting much Biochem studying done (even though I really needed to because I had a big test on Monday), because we had dinner plans too and I had to get dressed up. We went home and visited with Ricky and Stef (I didn't know they were going to be in town even). And he told me I had to be ready by 6:00pm...

I know it's on the wrong hand, but I wanted a picture and I had a ring on my other hand lol... And it was WAY too big for the left hand :)
I LOVE this man!

The heart he made outta rocks
I think the sun was in his eyes, or maybe he was sick of taking pictures cuz I made him take a MILLION
The rocks from far away
Him and his walking stick going back up the mountain... ow ow
The ROCK :)
Attitude... He better get used to it :)
We are not very good at this lol
After dinner, driving around looking at the lights... I still look like a little girl... Could not stop smiling all night :)
The inside of the limo.....
Me sitting in the limo while Kenny told the driver where to go
Us in the limo ready to go :)
Standing in front of the limo... Could not imagine a more perfect night to have my first limo ride :)

He had been planning this for awhile I guess, but I told him he absolutely COULD NOT ask me while I was studying for the MCAT and so he waited... He did everything perfectly! I still cannot believe it! I didn't think I would cry after being together all these years... But I still bawled like a baby!! I am so lucky to have him in my life and cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams :)

**the pictures are not in any order... but the ones in the blue sweater are the picnic and the very top is the only one i had after he asked me... and the ones dressed up are later that night :)

** I need to get the lyrics for the song he sang to me and put them on here too... But they are still in his car...